You won’t find cutting boards like this at any of the big box stores. We’ve been working hard to come up with creative designs you’ll love. Our boards are a piece of artwork that you will not want to hide in a drawer. Each one is built with the highest craftsmanship. Although they are beautiful, they are extremely durable and meant to be used and will remain beautiful for many years. You can buy what we have in stock or we can custom make one for you. We can also create them in bulk for you to give as a thank you gift for your business.

Things to know about our cutting boards...

  • I like to put large rubber feet on the bottom to help keep the board stable and in place while in use. I can make them without feet if you prefer to be able to flip them over and use both sides.
  • Juice grooves are optional.
  • I usually carve handles in them to make them easier to pick and move around.
  • All edges have a slight bevel so they are soft to the touch and comfortable when moving them.
  • I can make them any size, any shape, with any type of wood, and any design. Also any quantity.
  • Select hardwoods and exotic Edge Grain cutting boards provide durability and show off unique grain patterns in the wood.
  • End grain cutting boards provide maximum durability and are most resistant to cutting marks.